Miss Ess Jay
Sammy Jane from Merseyside
I met this lovely girl on Twitter and I always love her doings for music and all the attention for DJ's (and not to forget, her humour) Really great.

Introduction: This blog is an outlet for me to share my passion of EDM, DJs, venues & the clubbing scene in general. But just who is Miss Ess Jay? Well I am Sammy Jane & I live in sunny England & yes I do have a warped sense of humour lol! I have loved music for as long as I can remember & have wanted to surround myself with it ever since. Music is a natural drug to me & always makes me feel happy, so as soon as I could go out to nightclubs and dance the night away I was there from Thursday through til Monday partying non stop! Local clubs provided my fix for a while but soon the bright lights of Liverpool were calling me & then it was every weekend possible dancing in the courtyard of Cream worshipping the legend that is Paul Oakenfold. This is were my love of EDM flourished & still today I get goosebumps remembering those times upon hearing classic choons such as Skydive-I feel wonderful, Bullet in the gun, Wide open space & the beautifully haunting choon Mystery Land.
Sammy, enjoying her all time favorite, Fedde Le Grand